Practice is  the most important part of learning to play any musical instrument. Playing piano beyond
the very beginning level requires a high level of concentration. Good piano learning methods are
designed to gradually lead the student into this higher mental state required for advanced playing.
These methods still require practice.  Practice is still the only way to learn and progress on a musical
instrument. Please understand this aspect...

We will guide you, or your young pianist  to make this aspect of study pleasant, and rewarding. Once
the rhythm of practice is established, the student looks forward to that segment of the day as a
focused retreat.

Piano students need a quiet environment that is private and secure. We cannot tolerate
conversation, television, or background chatter when we practice. While it is tempting to allow any of
these things to go on during practice time, I assure you that distractions are very detrimental to the
students' progress.

Practicing the piano is a life lesson within itself. It will pay back exactly what you put into it. The more
you practice properly, the more you enjoy practicing, which of natural course should encourage you
to practice more.

We will teach you many practice techniques to help you become efficient in your daily practice
routine. Practice well and practice often.
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