A pitch raise is the most common service needed in addition to regular tuning. We like to refer people to this page for
an explanation of what a pitch raise is. Pitch raising returns a piano to concert pitch A-440, and is necessary, usually
but not always,  when the piano has not been tuned in a long time and winds up 20% or more flat. It is also necessary
when the piano has undergone unusual stress due to large temperature and humidity changes.

When a  pitch raise is necessary, the technician will rough tune the piano to get the overall pitch of all 220 strings close
to the correct pitch before fine tuning the instrument. Depending on the severity of the lowered pitch, this may take one
two or even three passes over all 220 strings before a fine tuning is made. The cost for a pitch raise will be  $50.00 to
$100.00 depending on the extent of the pitch raise.

I recently tuned an older upright piano that had not been tuned in eight years, and while it needed tuning, the pitch was
still close enough that no pitch raise was needed. That is because the piano was in a well controlled environment. This
situation was unusual, but serves to illustrate the importance of the environment your piano is in.

We hope this brief explanation of pitch raising was informative. We will be happy to explain more about it if you would
like. Feel free to
contact us any time if you need further information.
Pitch Raise
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