Piano Tuning
Tuning a piano requires a combination of technical and artistic skills.  When the piano technician comes to
tune your piano they bring specialized tools and knowledge. They will use these tools to tune approximately  
220 piano strings into a beautiful harmonious relationship with each other!

When we tune your piano we will carefully inspect the instrument, tightening screws and bolts that may have
become loose in the piano over time. We will also check your piano bench or stool for loose or broken
hardware. This service is a part of our standard tuning.

After the initial pre-tuning inspection the technician will give you a general idea of your instruments' condition,
and might suggest additional maintenance procedures to improve the sound and playability of your piano.

The technician will begin tuning your piano after discussing the pre-tuning inspection with you. Total silence
during tuning is not necessary, however a quiet setting will help the technician better achieve a fine tuning on
your piano.

When a piano has not been tuned in a long time, we may have to raise the pitch of each piano string more
than is normally expected on a six month or yearly tuning schedule. This procedure is called a
pitch raise and
takes extra time. We have placed a page on the web site that gives further information about this procedure
and the cost.
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