"Doug Wardlow has serviced and tuned our pianos with promptness, quality and grace. He is a skilled servant of
our lord."

Ed Black - Pastor  Presbyterian Church of Broomfield.

  "I'm so glad I made the decision to start taking piano lessons with Doug. I was hesitant to embark on this journey as
an adult because I didn't have much musical background at all, but I can honestly say I am thoroughly enjoying the
experience of learning to read and play music. Doug has given me a lot of encouragement from the beginning and has
helped me to not only read music and play the piano, but also to select the perfect practice instrument and understand
how much joy playing music can bring to your life. I am very grateful to Doug for his guidance, patience and expertise. It
is clear that he loves teaching piano and he is an excellent teacher that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to any child or
adult who is looking for a teacher."

Gretchen Madden - Student

 "Drawing on decades of experience as a musician, Doug has great depth as an instructor. His teaching method has
allowed me, as a beginner, to progress quickly in a short amount of time. I appreciate how each lesson builds
methodically upon the last. Most importantly, I appreciate that Doug's teaching style extends beyond how to play the
piano with precision into the subtle nuances that enhance musical expression. He has increased my understanding of
music theory and taught me to appreciate it on a much deeper level."

  Scott Spuler - Student