Piano Lessons
The piano lesson allows the transfer of technical knowledge, and the artistic aspect of making music to take place in a
comfortable, and exciting way.

Personalities and learning style vary greatly from person to person, and Bradburn Piano is sensitive to these different
traits. We develop an individualized lesson plan for the student.

Our goal with every student is to impart practical, theoretical, and artistic musical skills that will last a lifetime and bring a
sense of accomplishment for years to come.

Learning to play any instrument requires an instructor to help with the interpretation of the learning material at hand.
Bradburn Piano is committed to this process. We are earnest about passing on this lifetime skill.

Piano lessons impart an underlying foundation to mastering any skill through self-discipline, education, and sense of

At Bradburn Piano the student studies how to play the music, the theory behind the music, and the history of music. We
believe the lessons should encourage curiosity about, and a deeper appreciation of music.

There are some considerations to make when taking lessons that will help you achieve your best results. You can visit  
three pages on our site to help you understand the importance of these items.
Please read these three pages (Practice,
Practice Area, Instrument) they are among the most fundamental keys to your success.

If you want to play, but are unsure of the commitment, call us. Your first lesson is a
Free Lesson. You will experience
first hand how enjoyable and rewarding learning to make music can be.
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